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About Seaside Explorers

Seaside Explorers is a multi-subject, outdoor activity session for accompanied children aged 3-11. It is organised and run by Libby Scarfe.

Libby Scarfe is a local beach-enthusiast with a passion for education and outdoor adventures.

With 20 years of formal teaching experience in primary schools, and 3 children of her own, Libby brings a wealth of real-life experience and knowledge to provide excellent quality outdoor learning sessions for children.

Her enthusiasm and creativity ensure that every child is able to engage in a wide range of fun, educational and practical activities which meet their learning and development needs.

Libby Scarfe - Seaside Explorers

Above: Libby in her natural habitat

School Teacher Blown Away (not literally)

With my class I noticed they are a lot more resilient when learning on the beach. They are more willing to have a go at new things and are more exploratitive in their approaches. Some of the children that take a back seat in the classroom really came alive at beach school and were able to showcase an otherwise unknown knowledge. The children were really enthusiastic about the beach learning and have been referencing it in our science and geography sessions since. For me this means it had a real impact on them as they have remembered it and can transfer it drawing on it in other sessions and

areas of the curriculum.

This was my first time doing beach school and I was blown away by what an amazing

thing it is.

Thank you


My 3 year old absolutely loved it...

"What a fabulous 2 hours spent on the beach, Libby is an absolute star and will have your children engaged and excited learning about beach life. My 3 year old absolutely loved it, we made seashell wind chimes, studied and (those who were brave enough) held a crab, we also did a scavenger hunt! If your child loves the beach, they will love Seaside Explorers!"




The children haven't stopped talking about it since!

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Libby (and Audrey) at Seaside Explorers. The children had an amazing afternoon. Wonderfully creative - we have the seashell chimes in our beach hut. 

But also the scavenging and their involvement was great. We all had a fantastic time looking for dog whelks, limpets and crabs. Thoroughly recommended. Children haven't stopped talking about it since. Thank you Seaside Explorers!"

A fabulous few hours with my niece

"Had a fabulous few hours with my niece at Seaside Explorers! We created 'Seaside in a Jar' that my niece was thrilled with, plus yoga, treasure hunt and beach art.


Libby was superb at directing the children to the activities whilst explaining the importance of staying safe

at the beach. Lots of information on the wildlife and surrounding area too. Thank you Seaside Explorers!"


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